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Personalized License Plates ITD 3425 Rev. 01-15 Supply 01-958086-9 For Vehicles up to 26 000 pounds GVW camp trailers and all motor homes. Motorcycles use standard graphic only. Note Special eligibility personalized U.S. Military Veteran license plates for passenger cars and/or motorcycles are ordered using the form ITD 3682 Military License Plates. Owner 1 - Last Name First Name Middle Idaho Driver License No. SSN or EIN Physical Idaho Address C...
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Hi and welcome to todays video where weretalking about IRS Form 8821 Tax Information Authorization Well point out some common mistakes withthis form and provide tips for how you can avoid them Tip 1 What is Form 8821 and when should youuse it When helping your client resolve an issuewith the IRS you need access to their personal tax information Form 8821 authorizes any individual organizationor tax professional to receive confidential tax documents for their client It can also revoke previous tax informationauthorizations that are no longer required By accessing this information you can identifywhat returns your client needs to file how much tax interest and penalties are dueor if their account is in collections However there are several actions that Form8821 does not authorize you to do The biggest misconception with this form isthat it authorizes representative power Form 8821 cannot authorize you to representyour clients before the IRS This includes speaking to the IRS on your clientsbehalf executing waivers consents closing agreements or any other representative matters To receive this authorization you need tofill out Form 2848 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative Go check out our video on Form 2848 to learnmore about it Tip 2 Play it safe Youre probably wondering why would I bother with the Form 8821 if you can just fill out Form 2848 Heres whyIn many cases clients dont tell you the full story right away This can make it difficult to decide if youwant to take a client on And in these instances you want to start with Form 8821 The 8821 allows you to assess your clientstax situation before becoming more liable yourself Once you file Form 2848 you are expectedto represent your client If you do not meet the expectation of a rigorousdefense on behalf of your client you may be subject to a professional liability lawsuitor malpractice By filing Form 8821 first you can get access to all the information you need to fully understandyour clients situation and determine if full Power of Attorney is necessary to helpyour client Tip 3 Tax InformationA commonly misunderstood section in Form 8821 is found in Part 3 Tax Information There are two parts of this section and bothcan cause confusion The Intermediate Service Provider is the first part that instructs you to check a box if you want access to IRS records via an intermediateservice provider By checking this box tax information suchas transcripts can be easily accessed through third party software like Canopy If this box is left unchecked you must accessthese forms directly from the IRS If youre not sure whether or not to checkthis box - go ahead and check it It allows you multiple options for retrievingyour clients tax documents Tax Information DetailsThe second part of this section deals with the identification of the tax documents youneed access to The difficulty is recognizing the differencebetween column A and D Column A asks for the type of tax such asIncome Employment or Payroll...